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Country Population: 21.7m

Capital: Canberra

Capital Population: 384, 000

Area: 7.6 km²

Density: 3 people/km²

Urbanisation: 89%

'Originally based on the BREEAM and LEED rating schemes, the Australian Green Star is a perfectly adapted national, comprehensive environmental system for buildings that has since been adopted by New Zealand and South Africa.'


Country Population: 8.21m

Capital: Vienna

Capital Population: 1.6 m

Area: 82, 444 km²

Density: 102 people/km²

Urbanisation: 68%

'In terms of researching efficient building solutions and energy efficiency across all sectors, Austria has proved an early pioneer and model for many environmental initiatives'


Country Population: 200.3m

Capital: Brasilia

Capital Population: 3.8 m

Area: 8.5 km²

Density: 23 people/km²

Urbanisation: 87%

'Brazil's Green Building Council initiated the 'One Degree Less' project in 2009, which promotes the use of white roofs on buildings and white pavements as part of a strategy to combat climate change and reduce the urban heat island effect'


Country Population: 34m

Capital: Ottawa

Capital Population: 1.1 m

Area: 10 km²

Density: 4 people/km²

Urbanisation: 81%

'Canada's consumption of primary energy and electricity per capita is among the highest in the world'


Country Population: 1.3 b

Capital: Beijing

Capital Population: 12.2 m

Area: 9.3 km²

Density: 143 people/km²

Urbanisation: 47%

'As part of the 11th Five Year Plan on Energy Development, China plans to reduce the energy consumption of residential and public buildings by 65% by 2020'


Country Population: 5.5 m

Capital: Copenhagen

Capital Population: 1.1 m

Area: 42, 394 km²

Density: 131 people/km²

Urbanisation: 87%

'More than 60% of all dwellings are connected to a district heating network in which the heat is produced from decentralised CHP, running mainly on a mix of oil, natural gas and renewables'


Country Population: 62.8 m

Capital: Paris

Capital Population: 10.4 m

Area: 545, 630 km²

Density: 118 people/km²

Urbanisation: 85%

'Of particular significance is France's agenda for technological change to ensure that new buildings should be energy positive, producing more energy than they consume by 2020'


Country Population: 81.4 m

Capital: Berlin

Capital Population: 3.4 m

Area: 349, 223 km²

Density: 234 people/km²

Urbanisation: 74%

'The 2009 revision of Germany's EnEV (Energy Conservation Regulations) is one of the most stringent codes in the world and includes a commitment to meet 15% heating, hot water or cooling energy demand from renewables'


Country Population: 1.2 b

Capital: New Delhi

Capital Population: 21.7 m

Area: 3.2 km²

Density: 394 people/km²

Urbanisation: 30%

'Rapid expansion in India is expected to outpace current fossil fuel capacity and as a result, the need for the development of alternative sources such as nuclear, wind and solar power has become increasingly apparent'

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